Creating the perfect blonde for you


Creating the perfect blonde isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Not only do we have to consider your natural tones, we need to think about how to achieve the kind of blonde you’re looking for.

Why? Because there are so many types of blonde. From white blonde to dark blonde and all the honey tones in between, it’s not it’s not quite as simple as, “I want to go blonde”.

So, we thought we’d provide a step by step guide on how to create the perfect blonde for you.

Sound good? Let’s dive in!


How do you create the perfect blonde for you?


1. Commitment is key

Blonde hair is a commitment. Depending on where you start, it might take several trips to the salon to achieve your perfect blonde. Be prepared that it might take a bit of time, upkeep and a lot of patience to reach your blonde hair goals (especially if you’re expecting it to take on the first go).

If you’re ready to start your journey towards finding your perfect blonde – great! Let’s move on to step two.


2. Pick a tone, any tone

Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to blonde, nothing is quite that simple.

The most common issue we find is that not everyone knows what kind of blonde they want to go. There are so many tones, depths and styles of blonde that can make your choice a hard one, but as hairstylists? We need to know from day one of your journey what tone you’re looking for. Is it that harsh white blonde? Or is it more of a warm, honey blonde?

You’ll need to consider your options and refine your choices before popping into the salon. To help make it easier to pick a tone and convey this to your hairstylist, here are a few words you should know:

  • Warm tones: These have red, yellow and orange undertones to create a bright, vibrant hue. Think: Blake Lively.
  • Cool tones: These appear darker, as cool tones absorb light. Think: Dakota Fanning.
  • Neutral: These appear balanced and wheaty and generally have no intense overtones. Think: Reece Witherspoon

And if you’re not sure? Bring along some inspo pictures and we can have a chat about what tone will work best for you.


3. Strand test, anyone?

For the more drastic blonde transitions, we suggest popping in for a consultation and a strand test. Here, we can settle on your perfect blonde tone and do a strand test to see whether this colour is achievable. This will depend on your natural tones, so if you have deep brown hair or feisty red, we may need to workshop it to find a tone that’ll take.


4. Now? It’s salon time.

Not everyone will need multiple trips to the salon to achieve the perfect blonde, but many do. As we’ve mentioned, going blonde is a process, and sometimes? It’s a bit of a long and arduous one.

At Cerisse, we do what we can to make this journey as pain-free as possible. Even if it takes a couple of trips to get right, we’ll make sure your hair’s looking its best every time you leave.


5. You did it, you’re a blonde! Now what?

You did it, congrats! You’re now walking around with your perfect shade of blonde, looking great and feeling even better.

But this doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your new blonde locks.

Maintenance is the key to a good, consistent blonde.

For those more subtle shades of blonde, we suggest using the Schwarzkopf BlondeMe range to maintain your perfect tone at home. The added bonus is that it strengthens your hair from within, so it’ll look good and stay healthy between trips to the salon.

Schwarzkopf Cool Blondes tone enhancing bonding shampooSchwarzkopf Tone enhancing Bonding MaskSchwarzkopf Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner

For a stronger tone, however, we can create custom blends with the Schwarzkopf Chroma ID range in the salon. This will keep your colour strong and vibrant until it’s time to pop back in for a touch-up.

So, if you’re starting to find hair all over the house, bald patches when you look in the mirror and are seriously considering a trip to the hat store, pop in and have a chat with our wonderful hairstylists about what we can do for you and your hair.