Short hairstyles for every face shape


Every year, we come across a fresh new style that seems to have worked its way into the hearts and minds of women around the world. Usually influenced by celebs, stars and influencers, we get an endless stream of women asking for the latest and greatest.

While we love trying out new styles with you, there’s a harsh reality that can be a bit of a hard pill to swallow. This reality is that not every hairstyle will suit your face shape and that the fresh new cut Zoe Foster-Blake is sporting in 2020? Well, it just might not be the style for you.

This year? Short hair seems to be making a comeback, with beautiful bobs, lovely lobs and wonderful waves showing up in our Instagram feeds (and in the salon). So, we thought we’d pull together a bit of a list of short hairstyles for every face shape, so you can keep up with the latest trends but make it work for your face shape.


1. Heart


Like all face shapes, heart-shaped ones need a hairstyle that’ll work to their strengths. Heart-shaped faces have cheekbones for days, but their foreheads? Well, they tend to be a bit on the wider side, so to balance out their features we suggest a wispy layered bob with a fringe (Think: Jennifer Lawrence’s signature LA bob. Layered, chin-lengthed and full of those stylish wispy waves).

This look is all about creating a balance between the features. The bob will emphasis those wonderful, prominent cheekbones heart-shaped faces are so loved for, while a well-styled fringe will balance out the forehead. This will ensure your new style is suited to your face shape and on-trend.

Pro tip: Add a bit of texture and volume to your new look with the Schwarzkopf Powder Cloud. It’s the must-have powder spray for root lift, volume and a matte finish that’ll keep your new bob looking its best.



2. Oval


Oval shaped faces shine with an angular cut, so we suggest trying the sleek, stylish angled bob. Jennifer Anniston is renowned for reverting to the angular bob, with those harsh lines balancing out her softer, oval face. This is exactly what the angular bob is great for, especially if your chin is on the smaller side.

After all, it’s all about balance, so a sharp, angled trim will do wonders for soft, oval faces.


3. Square


We’ve spoken about balancing out softer, rounder faces, so for square-shaped faces? We do the opposite.

Our go-to 2020 style for square faces is a simple, shoulder-length layered trim, with soft waves to balance out the angled lines of the face. This effortless look is rocked by a few of our 2020 icons, including lipkit legend Kylie Jenner (minus the hair extensions, of course) and Aussie influencer Bella Fiori.

Pro tip: To get those perfect waves without damaging your hair, try out our go-to Alterna CC cream. This lightweight cream is fantastic for hair hydration and will protect your hair against heat damage when you’re working to get those wonderful waves.


4. Round


We know you’ve been waiting patiently for this one, as it’s one of those styles that’s making a comeback (and in a big way) in 2020. It can be elegant and sophisticated or tousled and stylishly rugged. It’s that style everyone just wishes would work for their face but can be hard to pull off.

Luckily for all of you round-faced women, the pixie cut looks great on you.

Why? Because pixie cuts and other cropped styles are more flattering. Chin-length bobs tend to amplify the roundness of your face, so sticking with a pixie cut with short sides and voluminous top will help elongate your face.

Pro tip: For a more defined texture, try out our fave Schwarzkopf molding paste. This will keep your pixie cut looking fierce from the moment you walk out the door to the minute you collapse on the couch after a long day of hustling!


5. Long


We hate to be the ones to break it to those of you with longer faces, but your perfect hairstyle is one that will shorten the appearance of your forehead. Balance is the key here, so your perfect 2020 hairstyle is a lightly curled lob.

The lob (a slightly longer bob, for those asking) is a great way to make your forehead seem shorter than it is, and the curls will add volume to your face to contribute to balancing out your face shape.


Essentially? It’s your hair and you can do with it whatever you please. If you have a long face and want to rock a pixie cut, go for it. If you have a heart-shaped face and want to try an angled bob, give it a whirl!

But if you’re looking for a look tailored perfectly to your face shape? These are the ones that’ll help you achieve that perfect look in 2020.

And if you need a hand getting the look just right? Why don’t you pop into the salon for a consultation? We’re always happy to help.